These are the Towns to Visit if you Love College Football!

If you are a sports fan then you probably love college football. College football isn’t played any differently from your standard game of football, but the atmosphere that surrounds the sport is worlds apart from your usual game of football. With very little else but college studies to focus on, college students put a lot of energy into college football. There are rallies, after-game parties, and a full culture surrounding college football and so there is no wonder why so many people adore college football.  

If you are reading this article,  then you are probably someone that adores the sport. With so many colleges with their own teams, it can be hard to know which towns to visit in order to get the best college football experience. Here are the towns that you have to visit if you love college football.  



If you want a town that loves their college football, then you need to go to Madison. Madison is known to really get into football season, decorating most of the town with the local colors. Celebrations here can get pretty crazy, so we recommend that you only head to Madison if you are ready for the party and completely let go of any relaxing silence in the streets. To celebrate the beginning of every football season, Madison hosts a parade to commend the hard-working players, along with the supporters. Madson also put a lot of focus on the support given by the cheer team and they do not go without being commended during the festivities.  



Everything is bigger in Texas and this includes the way that they celebrate football season.  The town of Austin really comes alive during football season, with hundreds of parties happening all over Austin. The town is also donned with the colors of the local college football team, which really gets the locals into the party spirit. The way this town celebrates its local team is through plenty of parties and celebrating the players. Local restaurants even get involved, offering discounts and meals based on the local team. 




Knoxville does not hold back when it comes to celebrating the local college football team. With every football season, there is a tradition of hosting one big night of celebration at the end of the season. This is done in order to celebrate the hard work of all of the players and also allow them to blow off a little steam after spending so much time training and abstaining from drinking and partying. Things can get a little hectic in Knoxville, but it’s all done in good fun.  



Stamford is one of the biggest college towns in all of America and the town has become quite controversially famous for the lengths they go to in order to celebrate the local team. Last year the college football fans came under scrutiny after occupying one of the college buildings for a party. The party unsafely ended up on the roof, where a lot of damage was made to the fragile building. Fortunately, with the help of Stamford roofing, the roof was restored back to its former glory. As a result of the events, the celebrations of the team were compromised for the following year, but with a lot of compromises and promises to behave, the team will be allowed to continue their celebrations in the next playoffs. We hope that they can keep the football spirit as alive as ever, without destroying anything that could potentially put the next celebrations in danger. 

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