The Dangers of Using Cheap Camping Equipment

Camping is a pastime enjoyed by many and preparation and quality equipment are just some of the aspects of camping that make it fun for all the family if you are someone who is serious about taking part in regular camping then you should know how vital buying high-quality camping equipment that you can rely on is. There is a common saying that you get what you pay for and camping equipment is no exception, when camping the equipment you bring is essentially replacing your accommodation for the period of time you are on your trip. You wouldn’t go for the cheapest hotel if you were planning on having a good holiday so spending money on high-quality equipment is the best way to go. Of course, it is understandable that some people are restricted to a tighter budget than others, but the best thing about camping is that once you’ve bought everything you need you will only pay for your site fees if you choose to camp on an official site that is.


There is some compromise however with some pieces of camping equipment not needing to be the most high quality to still be functional, but items like your tent, gas stove, and water storage are things that cannot really be scrimped on as they are vital to your camping experience going smoothly. Lunch boxes for example don’t have to be the highest quality and there’s no danger in using a budget one, but before you get one do have a look at some reviews of various lunch boxes to make sure you get the right one.


Camping Stove

The danger of using cheap camping stoves is that because the majority of models use gas canisters you have to take extra caution when using them. If you were to buy a cheap stove then you run the risk of it lacking the necessary safety features that you would find with the high-quality models. When using gas canisters you should be extra careful as there is a real danger of injury should the equipment be used incorrectly. Your camping stove is going to be one of your only sources for cooking food so it makes sense to invest in a quality product that can be used for many years to come. It may be tempting to opt for a cheaper model but in the long run, with repairs or replacement you may end up spending more money anyway.



Another essential piece of camping equipment you definitely don’t want to buy cheap would have to be your tent, as your tent is basically your home for the duration of your camping trip you need to ensure you have a quality model before you go. A good tent will provide shelter from a range of weather conditions, there’s nothing worse than a tent that can’t defend you against the rain and getting wet can have disastrous effects on the whole of your trip. A common camping story is a trip being cut short because the tent was ineffective in protection from the elements, so a quality tent is a must in order to avoid this outcome.


Water Containment

Water storage is often overlooked in camping preparation if you are visiting a campsite with water facilities going to and from the on-site tap can be a chore. With high-quality water containment, you can ensure your camp has cool, fresh water readily available to be used throughout the day. A sensible purchase would be a large containment barrel that comes with wheels and an easy carry handle, this makes the job of fetching water a lot less stressful and beats storing your water in standard plastic containers that don’t keep it cool.

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