Seychelles Travel Guide
An excellent gathering of more than 100 tropical islands in the western Indian Ocean is Seychelles .
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How to Get Hotels and Resorts Accommodations in Seychelles
Situated around one thousand miles east of “Kenya” in “Western Indian Ocean”, Seychelles offers vacationers and voyagers some endeavor removed shores.
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The Seychelles Boathouse Travel Guide


The delightful island of the Seychelles has shocking sea shores, sweltering sun and completely clear waters. On the off chance that you would prefer not to invest the entirety of your vacation energy unwinding on the sea shores visit one of the historical centers in and around Victoria. Or then again take a visit and see the amazing coco-de-mer twofold nut and unprecedented fowl and tortoise states. There are a lot of photograph openings on the island with the extraordinary feathered creatures and lovely blossoms. Aldabra is the spot to see the mammoth land tortoises. With a lot of legacy structures and lovely professional flowerbeds there will consistently be something to see on this sundrenched sentimental island of the Seychelles. Take a pony drawn sentimental carriage ride and take in the sights. Whenever of the day or night you will think that its pleasurable and intriguing to see the delightful island at a moderate pace.


There are a lot of shopping open doors for those searching for trinkets. The Seychelles have numerous little open markets selling an abundance of modest little things for the travelers. The nourishment markets are brimming with shading and colorful products of the soil, it is a significant encounter. There are a couple of fine quality jewelery stores however there are no enormous malls or stores so tragically shopping can be very baffling, yet who goes to the Seychelles to shop?


As in many places far and wide, cafés provide food for every one of your needs, regardless of whether you’re searching for a sentimental high end food experience or a pizza with the family you will make certain to discover what you are searching for. Fish and outlandish octopus is seen as served in numerous cafés or attempt a commonplace Seychelles’ delicacy, and something of an obtained taste, curried organic product bat. This is said to taste similar to bunny. The greater part of the nourishment has a Creole and French impact to it, however you will locate a decent curry or a burger bar close enough for your lodging. With most inns providing food for all the family there may not be a need to leave your lodging complex in the event that you don’t wish to, you will in any case appreciate a shifted menu in your inn.


There are not many disco’s or dance club in the Seychelles, yet those that there are have been affected by the Jamaican reggae scene. For the most part diversion is situated in your inn. You will discover around four clubs and in the event that you extravagant a vacillate there are a couple of gambling clubs. There is just a single film on the island indicating anything from Hollywood to Bollywood, in addition to captioned motion pictures. You would maybe be in an ideal situation having a decent feast and taking a pony drawn carriage ride in the twilight or a journey after dinner on the off chance that you are a sentimental couple. For the family there is continually something to suit a great many people inside the inns with nearby performers and conventional music and tests, and the standard party top choices.
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How to Make Your Hotel More Appealing to Travelers

With winter coming, people tend to use this time of year to jet on holiday to avoid the horrible cold weather. If you are a hotel owner, this is the time of year where you can make some pretty impressive money. Before people start heading on holiday, it is important that your hotel is ready. Here is how to make sure your hotel is more appealing to travelers.

Make it Affordable

Times are pretty tough for everyone right now and people are lacking in money at the moment. This is because everything is incredibly expensive and bills are increasing.
Making your hotel affordable is one of the most important aspects of making it appealing to travelers. Offering discounted rates and packages can help attract travelers looking for a great deal. Consider offering loyalty programs with rewards such as free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, or discounted room rates. These incentives will help make your hotel more attractive to guests. Make sure that your rooms are all in a similar price range, as this will make it more appealing to guests.

Make Sure The Exterior of Your Hotel is Beautiful

To ensure your hotel is attractive to travelers, the exterior of your hotel should be kept clean, comfortable, and inviting. Invest in landscaping, outdoor lighting, and signage to create a welcoming atmosphere. Ensure that your hotel’s grounds are well-maintained and don’t look neglected. Keeping the exterior of your hotel attractive is key to making a great first impression. With it being close to winter, it is likely that the grass may be a bit worn down and even brown, which can be very attractive. Make sure that your grass is nice and green with an irrigation system, if you are having issues with your irrigation system, you can find some of the best irrigation repair Victoria BC has to offer by looking online.

Offer Unique Experiences

Hotels can offer unique experiences to travelers by offering activities and services that can’t be found anywhere else. For example, a beachfront hotel may offer surfing lessons, a spa may offer yoga classes, and a city hotel may offer guided walking tours. Offering unique experiences is a great way to make travelers feel special and to get them to come back for future visits. If you have a hotel with a lot of history, why not offer a historical tour or even ghost hunting.

Hire a Good Breakfast Chef

To ensure that your hotel is as appealing as possible to travelers, it is important to hire a highly skilled breakfast chef. The chef should be able to create a variety of delicious breakfast dishes that will entice guests to get up and enjoy a hearty meal in the morning. The chef should also be able to provide options for both health-conscious and indulgent eaters, to ensure that all guests’ needs are met. Hotels are based on their rooms and the breakfast that they offer guests, so you want to make sure that you are not disappointing your guests.

Have Well Decorated Bedrooms

The bedrooms should have a warm atmosphere, with comfortable bedding and tasteful decor. The room should be an inviting and comfortable place to spend time, with artwork and furniture that helps create a cozy and tranquil environment. Additionally, the hotel should provide amenities such as a mini-fridge, coffee maker and television, to make the stay even more comfortable. If you haven’t decorated your rooms in a while, it is likely that it is looking a bit dated and run down, so it’s time to decorate and add some modern touches.

Have Good Travel Routes

Having good travel routes to and from the hotel is essential for making a hotel more appealing to travelers. This can be accomplished by ensuring that the hotel is conveniently located near public transportation, airports, and other popular tourist attractions. Additionally, providing information about local attractions, restaurants, and other tourist destinations can help travelers plan their stay more easily. If your hotel is a bit out of the way, something that you can do is set up some sort of shuttle bus to take your hotel stayers to more convenient locations.

Why Making Poolside Friends Is Easier Than Ever

Why Making Poolside Friends Is Easier Than Ever

With the restrictions associated with the pandemic coming to an end, more and more of us are planning holidays abroad. For some of us, it has been a long time since we have been able to go abroad and so we are eager to head on holiday as soon as possible.

Ideally, you will want to go on holiday with all of your close friends but that might not be possible. The last few years have been hard on us all financially, but they have hit others a lot more. A lot of us have been left in a very poor financial state with a lot of debt to take care of, so a holiday just isn’t on the cards at the moment.

This likely means that a lot of the friends that you want to go on holiday with are unable to go right now, so you are probably considering postponing any plans that you have until they are able to go with you. Though this may sound like a good idea at the moment, nobody knows how the next year is going to unfold and so it only makes sense that you seize the moment and go while you can. Who knows, the world could be hit with another variant and holidays may be put on hold again, so it makes sense to strike while the iron is hot.

If you are worried about heading on holiday alone, you don’t need to be. Life is about experiencing new things and though you may want to experience these things with your friends, there is no harm in heading out on your own and seeing them for yourself.

When you are on holiday, you can also make plenty of friends with the people at the locations that you visit, as there are a lot of people that are travelling alone or simply don’t mind friendly conversation. In fact, a lot of regular travellers claim that it is easier than ever to make friends while you are abroad and here are just some of the ways that you can do it for yourself.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start a Conversation

When you go on holiday with your friends, it is not unusual for you guys to keep to yourselves and try to avoid other people. After all, you are in a foreign country and it makes sense to keep to yourselves. However, by doing this you are completely missing out on making friends with some pretty interesting people.

If you are travelling alone, now is the perfect chance to get over your fear of strangers and reach out to people. If you are staying in a hotel or hostel, there is usually an in-house bar or a pool if you are lucky.

Being in locations like these always tends to leave people in a better mood and feeling much more sociable and so this is a perfect chance to reach out and speak to people if you wish to. If you visit any of these places, the best thing that you can do is strike up a conversation.

You could literally explain to someone that you are travelling alone and you would love to make some friends along the way and they might find this to be interesting and ask you about how travelling alone has been for you so far.

This is a great way to get the conversation flowing if you are not sure what to say and it will make it easier to discuss other topics. You could talk about where you have been and where you would like to go and even compare stories with your fellow traveller, as I am sure they have a lot of their own to tell.

If you find yourself in a situation where you just can’t think of anything to say, you could also just use some classic jokes or fun facts to get the conversation rolling. You could even just speak about random things, like facts on chuck norris, the sky is the limit and you will be surprised how resourceful your brain can be when it needs to be.

There are a Lot of People Travelling Alone

A great reason why making friends when you are on holiday is easier than ever is because more people than ever are travelling alone. The events of the pandemic have taught us all that life can be short and unpredictable. This has led to many people finally doing some of the things that they have had on their bucket list for years, one of these being travelling alone.

This means that there are a lot of people that are going to be travelling alone that you can reach out to and talk to. If you stay at a hostel, you will likely find a lot of people travelling alone and you will be able to talk to them and even join them on their travels if you are going to the same location.

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