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Green Salad                                                                Rupee 100

Vegetable soup                                                           Rupee 100

Tuna Sashimi                                                             Rupee 125

Smoked fish Salad                                                       Rupee 125

Seafood Salad                                                               Rupee 150

Squid Rings                                                                  Rupee 150

Prawn Cocktail                                                           Rupee 150

Main Courses

Fish Curry                                                                    Rupee 250

Chicken Curry                                                            Rupee 250

Tuna steak with Creole /Caper sauce               Rupee 250

Fish fillet in Passion fruit /Caper sauce             Rupee 250

Fish ‘n’ chips                                                                 Rupee 250

Chicken ‘n’ chips                                                         Rupee 250

Squid Rings ‘n’ chips                                                  Rupee 250

Homemade Tuna Burger                                          Rupee 250

Prawns in Garlic Butter sauce                                 Rupee 300

Tenderloin steak with Pepper sauce                        Rupee 325

Chef Special…Ocean Platter                                      Rupee 500


Please ask for the SPECIAL OF THE DAY